The Beach Water Polo tournaments will be played with slightly different rules, similar to the Beach Water Polo that made its debut at the Gwangju FINA World Championships!


There are 4 people on the field for a team at any one time. One must wear the GK cap (red cap), however, they may join the attack. Subs can be made at any time, by one player going under the sideline and clapping hands with a substitute.



Games will be played with 2x8min halves with a 3min break at halftime for teams to swap sides. There will be no shot clock, however, teams must progress the ball and continue trying to score.

After A Goal

After a goal, the goalkeeper takes the ball from the net and plays on straight away! No lining up at halfway, straight back into the action.


Male athletes will be awarded one goal, and female athletes will be awarded two goals. If scores are tied at the end of regulation, then there will be a penalty shootout.

Penalty Shoot-Out

If scores are level at the end of regulation, there will be a penalty shoot-out. The shooting player starts on their own 5m line with the ball, when the ref blows the whistle, the attacking player passes the ball to their goalkeeper behind them and sprints up the pool. From the time the referee has blown the whistle, the attacking pairing of attacker and goalkeeper have 10sec to score. The goalkeeper may shoot, or pass back to the attacking player. 

Each team will have 3 attempts each to decide the winner. If there is still no winner after 3, then there will be sudden death.


If a player is excluded, they must touch the corner opposite the referee, and then they may rejoin the play. There will be no exclusions recorded, however, an excessive foul will result in a red card.


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